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Araminta Ross Inc. is the long-term product of a young girl's dream to inspire through art. The artistic medium changed over time, but the desire always remained.

Founded in 2012, Araminta Ross was born (again). Araminta Harriet Ross [Harriet Tubman] was first. A pioneer for women's rights and a trailblazer for those enslaved, she is a legendary American who left a larger than life legacy.  She was a fountain of confidence, passion, and principle. And while we would never imply that Araminta Ross Inc. has or ever will change the world, the essence of her fearless and determined spirit is an inspiration to many, including our founder. 

Araminta Ross. Essence Defined: Be fearless. Live your passion. 

Essence Defined: The basic, real, and invariable nature of a thing or its significant individual feature or features.


Synonymously: Spirit, lifeblood, heart, principle, soul, core.


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